Mindfully Guided: Meditations for Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit

taught by EuGene Gant
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EuGene Gant
EuGene Gant
Yoga Therapist & Meditation Instructor

About the instructor

For over 16 years, EuGene Gant has been motivating clients with practical teachings to encourage a conscious lifestyle ~ healthy body, clear mind and joyful demeanor.

EuGene combines yoga therapies, breathing techniques and meditation, fused with empowering mantras, soulful music of his own creation, and plenty of laughter. EuGene is known for his distinctive, high energy, inspiring teaching style. His practical application of sacred wisdom and techniques are the foundation of his vision and practice style.

If there is one ability that you could learn that would make every single aspect of your life, health, love & business better, what would it be?

Undoubtedly, it would be the ability to control your thoughts and emotions.

This might sound like a surprising claim but the ability to control your emotions and the way you respond to a situation is not only the secret to happiness, but also the secret to being able to get whatever you want from life.

Mindfulness meditation is an ancient technique proven to increase mental and emotional stability, while also balancing blood pressure and circulation in the body.

Join EuGene Gant as he guides you through mindfulness meditations designed to relax the Body, still the Mind and connect you deeper to your Spirit!

Course Contents

1 Video
3 Audios

Course Curriculum

Meditation 1: The Mindful Body
Meditation 2: The Mindful Mind
Meditation 3: The Mindful Spirit
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Thank You For Your Mindfulness!