Breath Training For Presence Power | Yogi Therapist, Mystic & Universal Kabbalist EuGene Gant
EuGene Gant
EuGene Gant
Yoga Therapist & Meditation Instructor

About the instructor

For over 16 years, EuGene Gant has been motivating clients with practical teachings to encourage a conscious lifestyle ~ healthy body, clear mind and joyful demeanor.

EuGene combines yoga therapies, breathing techniques and meditation, fused with empowering mantras, soulful music of his own creation, and plenty of laughter. EuGene is known for his distinctive, high energy, inspiring teaching style. His practical application of sacred wisdom and techniques are the foundation of his vision and practice style.

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  • Do you lack consistent energy?
  • Is your body showing signs of stress and anxiety build up?
  • Are you self-employed or a business owner that's got more fires to put out than the time to find balance and enjoy All aspects of your life?

The Lightning Presence is a course designed to not only give you practical tools to alleviate mental and emotional stress, but to add value to your Business Presence and empower those who work with you.

This is a step-by-step course that's easy to follow, get's you immediate results, and brings instant value to you and everything you do.

It only takes one session of "The Lightning Presence" for you and your family, your team or clientele, to feel the healing benefits expanding and growing. 

This technique effects: 

  • Organ and Tissue Health
  • Emotional Balance
  • Confidence & Posture
  • Creative Cognition & Comprehension
  • Personal Magnetism
  • Dynamic Group Synthesis & Presence

I have a saying, "It's not about perfection, it's about practice!"

Using The Lightning Presence will help you develop a strong personal practice, build your team's sales environment and rapport strategies, and to create added value for your clientele.

Because of The Lightning Presence You DON'T Deal with:

  • Sweaty yoga classes to attend
  • Needing to be experienced or physically flexible to start
  • Gym or yoga studio fees, practice in the comfort of your home or office
  • Special clothing or equipment to get started Now!

Experience the Lightning Presence Training for your Self!

"If you work it, it works! If you don't, it won't!"

Let's get to work!

Activate Your Self & Your Business

The Lightning Presence

Course Contents

12 Videos
5 PDFs
6 Audios